Door Frame Metal Detector – A Safety Resolution

The choice for DFMD or Door Frame Metal Detector shows that you care for security during your events. This device is commonly found in almost everywhere so that threats do not allowed to enter into the premises and make your events hassle-free. We, at Secura Security fulfill your need and provide you with security devices such as DFMD.

Help in Detecting:

  • Our DFMD is ideal for detecting ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • It is capable for discovering tiny metal, small objects, electronic products, tools, computer processors, etc.
  • Detect non magnetic stainless steel objects

Fully technical in many ways, see below:

  • Our DFMD can be customized to different levels like sensitivity, medium, and low
  • It provides wall or stop indicator
  • Provides control knob in order to have initial setting with respect to environmental conditions and vicinity.
  • There is low power consumption, low false alarm rates, easy to operate, no special skills required to operate
  • Highly reliable and accurate for long life performance
  • User-friendly control and robust features

USP of Our DFMD: It does not release harmful rays, which can adversely affect heart patients with pace makers and expecting mothers.

Contact Us Anytime: We have proviso for guards to operate DFMD, you can hire them along with DFMD for secured atmosphere in malls, hospitals, factories, shopping marts, events, etc.